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Oven Drum
56,6 ton
7,5 m
4.400 mm
50 - 100 mm

Oven Drum

This tube section was built for an oven to clean contaminated soil. The replacement section was built into a complete line of 54 meters length. VandeGrijp completed the replacement section on time, and more importantly, exactly to size. The tolerance was extremely limited, with hardly any room for error.


Case characteristics

according to drawings
Weight: 56,6 ton
Length: 7,5 m
Diameter: 4.400 mm
Wall thickness: 50 - 100 mm
Welding qualifications
according to VandeGrijp-specs
- replacement of the middle pipe section
- external rejuvenation from 100 mm to 50 mm wall thickness
- very precise tolerances on roundness and straightness
QA/QC client
Production time
1 month