Leaders in pipes & parts

Alexander, Sales Representative

Alexander is salesman on paper, but in reality he does much more. Calculations, quotations, procurement, acquisition, trade shows and account management, it is all part of Alexander’s daily work. ‘A job description is quite flexible here.’ The most important part of the sales process is asking questions. To deliver a good product, you need to know the customers expectations. At VandeGrijp it is the same, but sometimes the questions require more depth. ‘Our customers do not always know what is necessary, but it is required at this moment. The customer’s problem is our challenge to solve together with the customer. It is not easy, but I do have some experience by now.’


Alexander is a multitasker. He uses the fabrication of a spreader beam for Scaldis as an example. ‘It was the result of intensive cooperation. We were asked to join the effort of creating a new concept for the offshore-industry. Together with the engineering firm Innovative Input and construction company PTS we fabricated a gigantic spreader to lift an unmanned platform, built on shore, into position. I managed this project from start to end. I negotiated the contract terms and was responsible for communication between VandeGrijp, engineering firm and PTS.

Informed partner

To be able to help a customer and think of technical solutions, you do need specific knowledge. Alexander who is employed by VandeGrijp for five years now, is the first to acknowledge. ‘Earlier it was all about simple steel, but now you need specialistic knowledge of high grade steels. We fabricate many products for offshore and more and more for the process industry and you really need to know what you are talking about. As a sales representative it is important to stay educated. Our customers do expect an informed partner.’