Leaders in pipes & parts

Maurice, Fabrication Manager

Good tubes are fabricated with a good planning. Maurice is responsible for fabrication at VandeGrijp. Maurice manages the flow of products and manning of stations as efficiently as possible. ‘When I start at seven, it begins with a check. Do I have the correct persons and materials.’ Once a week during a planning meeting all current projects are discussed with everyone involved. It is Maurice’s job to execute the planning. ‘I try to bring a good flow into the roll bending and cutting. The welders do run out of the planning sometimes, so it is important to have a flexible planning. Never be surprised.


After five years working at VandeGrijp, Maurice is not quickly impressed anymore. ‘If a truck leaves with 10 pipes, it doesn’t really matter to me. By now, I know we are capable of doing that. But when I see that Blue Hammer leave via the load-out quay, I feel proud. It is good to see what you can do together.’

More Challenging

Maurice started his career as welder. He still enjoys his work every day. The bigger the construction, the harder the required weld, the better it is for Maurice. ‘I like to specialize more into offshore constructions. Working with special steel qualities, learning about new welding procedures and managing unique projects, I would like to do it more often.’ However, it not only is his ambition it also is VandeGrijp’s future Maurice quickly adds. ‘Earlier we worked with standard specifications, now each project has its own welding procedures. Every welder has his own certification and the more the better. When we qualify for more welding procedures, we can do more.’