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Blue Piling Pile Hammer
167 ton
20,5 m
5.000 mm
30 - 70 mm

Blue Piling Pile Hammer

Fabrication of a novelty pile hammer for offshore wind foundation piles that uses water as the driving force. VandeGrijp was asked to advise on production layout and possibilities in the earliest engineering phase. During production, customer worked on detail engineering with constant feedback.

Case characteristics

according drawings
Weight: 167 ton
Length: 20,5 m
Diameter: 5.000 mm
Wall thickness: 30 - 70 mm
Welding qualification
NEN 15614/1 / NEN 287/1 / NEN 9606-1
- rolling and assembling the shell, including combustion chambers
- built under ongoing engineering of the customer
client / Lloyd’s Register
visual / MT / UT