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The company Fa. A v/d Grijp is started. The company sells and rents flat top barges and houseboats. These are built and repaired at its own yard.

Start of a New Company

At the end of the war, there is not much of a fleet left. Most vessels that can still be located are either heavily damaged or sunk. Fa. A v/d Grijp decides to light its own vessels and repair them. By doing this, more orders are coming its way, requiring expansion of the yard. A move is required.

Space for Growth

Fa. A v/d Grijp buys 6 hectares of marshland in the early 1950’s, where they construct a harbor and a 1000 m2 fabrication hall.

N.V. Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek v/h A. Van De Grijp

The new premises warrant a new company. The firm’s name is officially changed and focuses on repair and construction of dredging equipment. At this location, 15 vessels are constructed and kilometers of dredge line.

Building for Progress

At the beginning of the decade in the 60’s, more fabrication halls are built and submerged arc welding (SAW) is introduced. Anything is done to increase modernization and firmly establish innovation in the company.

New Location Again

In August 1970 the company moves again. An even larger location is found in Papendrecht where a new pipe mill is built, including a few homes. In 1971, a new hall is built for shipbuilding. This hall is currently being used as our fabrication hall No. 2.

Revolutionary Development

VandeGrijp is innovative and shows that by investing in the most compact pipe mill in the world at its present location, directly connected to hall No. 2.

Fabrication Hall XL

To accommodate the increase in size throughout the industry, VandeGrijp opens a new hall with height for tubes up to 10 meters in diameter and 150 mm wall thickness.

Roll-On Roll-Off

The latest investment to serve our customers, is a Ro-Ro quay which enables easy loading onto (seagoing) barges, for destinations anywhere in the world.