Leaders in pipes & parts

Jacek, fitter

Jacek is a genuine craftsman. Someone for whom steel has no secrets, a professional who works from drawings.

Jacek assembles flanges and pipes and any special constructions. He connects all parts of the construction with tack welds, before the welder completes the work. ‘You have to be careful with drawings and take your time. Steel is unforgiving material, with little room for error. It has to be done right the first time.’

Huge Project

Just like many of his colleagues, Jacek mentions the Blue Hammer as one his nicest projects. ‘A pile hammer for piling with water, whenever do you construct something like that? We assembled the pile hammer, with three persons, in about four months. It was a huge job, but we did it! It is good to see what you can achieve together.’

Further Development

VandeGrijp is specializing more and more. The work gets more complex by the day and employees are required to do ever more diverse jobs. Jacek is confident looking at this development. ‘Everything we do today, I am capable of. Together with this company I’d like to develop myself further because whatever is good for VandeGrijp will be good for me.’ After twenty years of construction, Jacek believes pipe production might be something to look into. ‘Whenever there is too little work for me, I could then help there.’